Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Reading about medieval housing (doth) reminds me. I stayed in a fourteenth century farmhouse in the middle of Sweden (whilst) travelling about one time. The entrance door was 148 cm high. In the - let’s say – twenty hours stay there I probably went in and out eight times. And smacked the middle of my forehead on the lintel seven of those times. Now, I know what this says about my capacity to learn, but really, 148cm is extremely low. It’s so low that when you think you’ve ducked far enough you haven’t. Hence the forehead thing. But what does this say about the original inhabitants? Yes; they were really, really short. And this was maybe 200 years after the end of the Viking Age, so close enough. And guess what? Historians never bothered to mention that the Vikings were so way short. Like, where’s the entry in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles: ‘Yes, and verily in the reign of Aerlerod the Vntidy, didst the Norsemen longships come; and all of Lincolnshire was in a qvandry as these fucking midgets were all hither and about, ill-temper’d and of evil di∆íposition.’

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